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 Top 5 Questions About Hiring a Lawyer

 "How can I find unbiased information about attorneys?"

There are hundreds of so-called "Top Lawyer" sites on the internet. Some only require a credit card to be listed. Here are the best places to go for information about top attorneys.

"Do I need a lawyer for my case?" 

Not always. You've got a case as far as you're concerned, but the next big question is "Do I need an attorney?". This is one of the top questions I get and here's the answer. 

"What Happens if a non-attorney approaches me on behalf of an attorney?"

Run. This is highly unethical, and illegal in most states. Think about it, if your lawyer has to hire somebody to chase you down at a hospital after you've been in an automobile accident to say, "Hire him," what kind of a lawyer is that? What kind of quality service is he delivering?

"How Can I Find an experienced, Board-Certified attorney in Virginia?"

Here's where you can go to find a listing of them.

"My Attorney Wants to Charge Me 40% of My Settlement in a Car Accident Case, Is That Fair?"

We think it's crazy to charge 40% to settle a car accident case. (Some firms then add a "file processing fee" on top of that) Here at BenGlassLaw, we have a graduated system where we charge as little as 25% up to 90 days prior to trial. Even within the 90 day window, we still only charge 33% (in the majority of cases). Medical malpractice and disability cases are different.

- Top 4 Questions About Car Accident Cases - - Top 5 Questions About Medical Malpractice Cases -
  1. "Can I try to settle my car accident case myself?"

    Yes, and we've even published a book about which you can order for free. But you should only do so if it is a smaller, less complicated case, such as a property damage only case.

  2. "Should I speak to the insurance adjuster?"

    You will want to read this page first, but sure, you can speak to an insurance adjuster.

  3. "Should I Sign the medical records release for the insurance adjuster?"

    Only if you don't mind who sees your confidential medical records.

  4. "What is 'contributory negligence' in a car accident case?

    Virginia has a harsh 1% rule. If you are at fault even 1%, you will not have a case. It is absolutely crucial that you find an attorney that will be honest with you about this 1% rule.
  1. "I think my doctor was negligent. What do I need to prove?"

    Medical malpractice claims in Virginia are a special kind of case. "Could have happened" or "Almost happened" isn't going to work. It needs to actually have happened. Here is what you need to prove.

  2. "What is in Ben Glass's book about medical malpractice claims?"

    Here is a link to the Virginia medical malpractice book.

  3.  Can you give me a good overview of these cases?

    Here is a good summary of what medical malpractice cases are all about.

  4.  How long do I have to file my case?

    This is a specialized area. The calculation of the statute of limitations in a medical malpractice case can be tricky.

  5.  How do I prove a failure to diagnose my condition?

    You must prove in medical malpractice cases not only that the doctor acted outside of the standard of care but that his care made a difference in outcome.

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Over the years, we have heard repeatedly:

"Thanks Ben, you are not like the attorneys they talk about on TV...thank you for this information."  

Remember, when you order one of our consumer information packages (on personal injury/car accidents, medical malpractice, or long-term disability), you get a FREE, no-obligation mailing right to your door with the tools you need to make smart choices about your case.  Plus, you'll get our non-boring, non-lawyer-like consumer newsletter (it's got a great monthly recipe column), all of which is designed to make you a smarter consumer BEFORE you talk to that adjuster, hire a lawyer or sign any forms.

It's that simple.

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Accident and malpractice victims are beginning to realize that it's ridiculous to think that insurance companies, especially in tough economic times, are going to treat you fairly on their own. Its also not true that all lawyers are the same or that "call us quick, no fee if no recovery" is a good reason to choose an attorney.


Virginia consumers have come to understand that most lawyer advertising is bad for consumers. Bad, because most lawyer ads don't provide any really USEFUL information.


Warning: The Insurance Company's Immediate Goal

The insurance companies would love for you to give them a recorded statement; sign their medical authorization; and accept their offer to let them "pay you a little something for pain and suffering" before you know what your rights are.

You can send a confidential message to Ben Glass right now or call at 703-584-7277.

How the Insurance Companies Use Their Money to Change Your World

You've seen it in the news and you've seen it in your paychecks. Not only are insurance companies increasing their premiums and deductibles while shrinking their liability coverage, they're also expending vast sums of money to tilt the scales of law and justice in their favor. Insurance companies are spending millions of dollars to save many more millions by curbing the legal ability of medical malpractice, personal injury, and insurance victims to recover fair and just compensation in a court of law.

Insurance companies have already made substantial "progress" in influencing the legal system. In Virginia, for instance, insurance companies have made certain that the maximum recovery for a malpractice victim, no matter how severe his condition, is "capped". Many victims of medical malpractice may never be able to work again and may face ongoing medical bills that have spiraled into many millions of dollars, yet the law arbitrarily limits medical malpractice awards.

In addition to constantly working to set tighter limits on verdicts in medical malpractice and personal injury cases, insurance companies make sure that the legal processes involved in these cases are lengthy, intrusive and as costly as possible for you. Insurance companies have no qualms about denying responsibility in even the most outrageous cases that often result in lifelong pain, suffering and loss for the victim and their family. Insurance companies hope that by making the process difficult, you will decide to not pursue your claim. They also hope that you will not find a competent, experienced, trial attorney to handle your claim.

Every month, this website is the authoritative source for thousands of visitors on Virginia personal injury and malpractice law, information and verdict and settlement data for thousands of visitors, many of whom order our free materials, call for a consultation or use our "chatbox" and eventually apply to become clients of BenGlassLaw. 

Ben Glass
Ben Glass is a nationally recognized Virginia injury, medical malpractice, and long-term disability attorney